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im gonna go out on a limb here

and say, i miss someone. not like cant eat cant sleep just broken up depressed feeling, and not even really miss the person that this particular person is now but that old person that i fell in love with when i was in high school when i was stupid and believed in love at first sight and that a relationship could be perfect. and that if you stayed with someone long enough that things would magically work things out, and that people married their firsts loves. now im very happily married and in love with my husband and crazy about my son. but because of getting pregnant and getting married i feel like me and that someone else didn’t get the proper goodbye. it was more like we had yet another fight over nothing except the simple fact that our 3 ear relationship was going no where and instead of taking him back the next day, i started seeing someone else, and i started to really fall for that someone else and then one thing led to another and i really fell in love with that other person and before i knew it he was falling in love with me back and i was married and pregnant and out of that pattern of the same old routine of going back to the old someone over and over again. but here lately ive been thinking about the old someone, not him really but the person that he used to be and it kinda surprises me that i haven’t needed him in 2 years and i haven’t seen to him in over a year and a half and i haven’t talked to him in probably right at a year, and i haven’t loved him in at least a good 10 months, but i do think about him, a little more that im comfortable admitting, and that doesn’t meant i love him. im just putting this all down in writing because maybe if i get it out in some fashion then i can get over it and get it out of my head and i figured this would be the best way because aside from 2 people i don’t know anyone on here and there for cant be judged of my feelings. im hoping that since i don’t have that need to see him or talk to him everyday that soon i wont think about him every day, or at all preferably, and in writhing this im realizing that maybe its not that i miss him but maybe i just think about him because its hard to be with someone every day for over 3 years straight and then all of the sudden never see them again, it would make me odd if i didnt think about him from time to time right? im sure. and the more i wright the more i realize how lucky i am that i didnt answer my phone that day and that i started talking to that other someone who is now my amazing husband, and that we created my amazing son. and how lucky i am that i did not reproduce with the old someone because that would have been a total disaster. and the more i wright i realize that i dont miss that old someone because no lie everything that my husband does is so much better, he treats me like a princess which is all i ever wanted. so with that last realization in mind im gonna say that the old saying is oh so try ” you have to kiss a few frogs to find your true prince”